Handbook 2 cover_Fostering a positive school culture (with border lines)

Fostering a Positive School Culture in the New Normal

A Handbook for Educators

As part of our second practice-focused Making HEADway series Positive School Culture in the New Normal, The HEAD Foundation is proud to announce the release of this handbook for educators and school leaders.

A year has passed since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, with countries and their school systems spending most of the year in lockdown. Beyond responding to the immediate needs of our learners, educators need to create future-proof schools and future-ready learners. An existing positive school culture can act as a school’s safety net, protecting the school against any unexpected shocks like the pandemic.

This handbook brings together ideas discussed during the webinar series that we hope will be a resource and inspiration to school leaders working to create their desired school culture and build back better. The handbook focuses on:

  • Understanding School Culture
  • Defining Guiding Principles
  • Building Your Community
  • Forging Strong School Relationships
  • Shaping a Caring School
  • Moulding Holistic Learners
  • Nurturing Lifelong Learners in Our Teachers

This handbook is also available in Bahasa Indonesia, Malay and Vietnamese.

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