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Calling Biology and Chemistry high school educators in the Philippines!  

Pick up language and communication strategies to help you explain science concepts better to your students in this 3-day virtual workshop. The HEAD Foundation is delighted to be offering a second run of this workshop, in partnership with the Malaysian Science Communication network, on 11, 13, & 15 June 2024. Sessions will run from 2 – 5pm GMT+8, on Zoom. 

This workshop will enable you to: 

  1. Use effective language delivery techniques that break down science content  
  2. Facilitate group discussions in peer learning settings to promote students’ ability to formulate and articulate opinions 
  3. Leverage on resources from media and technology to supplement textbooks and reinforce connections to real-world contexts 

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Due to limited slots, shortlisted participants are required to make a co-payment of ₱200 to secure your seat at the workshop. 

Certificates of completion will be given to participants who attend the workshop fully and fulfil all assignment criteria. 

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About the workshop

Science communication describes various communication strategies used to transmit science-related content to non-expert audiences in an accessible, comprehensible, and useful way. While STEM subjects involve conveying abstract and complex concepts to students, teacher training in Southeast Asia rarely targets science communication skills, which hampers progress in science literacy and interest among K-12 students. In this three-session science communication workshop, pick up vital communication strategies that can be used to make chemistry and biology content more engaging and accessible.

This workshop is catered to chemistry and biology high school teachers based in the Philippines.  

Fill out this form to register your interest! To secure your seat, shortlisted participants will be emailed to:  

  1. Make a co-payment of ₱200 to our registered Wise account (name Wan Abdul Matiin Bin Wan Abdul Rahim Kamil) 
  2. Complete the pre-workshop survey, which will be sent after receipt of payment  

All shortlisted participants will be contacted by 17 May. 

The workshop will run from 2pm – 5pm GMT+8 on 11, 13, and 15 June 2024. There will be take-home assignments in between sessions, with a final assignment due two weeks after the last session.  

  • Participants should preferably have access to a laptop or computer to attend the workshop, and a stable internet connection. There will be live activities requiring participants to access the internet during class. 
  • All additional coursework, including the final assignment, should not take more than six hours combined. 

Participants who fulfil the following workshop criteria will receive their certificate of completion: 

  • Complete both pre- and post-workshop surveys, and formative assessments 
  • Fully attend all workshop days and actively participate during the sessions 
  • Complete all coursework with a passing grade 
  • Submit and attain a passing grade on the final assignment

About the Trainers

Dr Khayriyyah (Kye) Mohd Hanafiah conducts research in infectious disease and is an honorary fellow at Burnet Institute, Australia. She was awarded the prestigious Australian Endeavour Research Fellowship in 2017, became the first female Asian Champion of FameLab International in 2018, and received the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia “Youth Award” in 2019. She conducts regular science communication training for students and researchers at various stages of their career, and adjudicated science communication competitions nationally and internationally. She is the lead author and editor for the training module ‘Science communication in practice: A Malaysian perspective with global relevance’ published by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. She has given numerous public talks and interviews and produced a documentary on sustainable palm oil and short videos to raise awareness on various SDG-related issues. She regularly writes for The Star in her column “Science, She Wrote”.

Mr Wan A. Matiin has science, society, and sustainability close to his heart. As a professional in learning and development, he is obsessed with understanding how humans communicate, learn, and grow in a world full of dynamic interactions. In his career spanning education, edtech, and science communication, he leverages learning science fundamentals, tech proficiency, and constructive play to help K-12 and adult learners transform anxiety into agency, zone-out into buy-in, and frustration into fluency. His dedication to elevating science literacy has led to op-eds, a science communication training module with the Malaysian Academy of Sciences, workshops for students and adults, and even the final stage of FameLab Malaysia 2019. He is particularly fond of game-based learning as a strategy and is always eager for intriguing new games to play and bond with people over!

The Malaysian Science Communication Network (MySCN) prides itself as being the first outfit established by scientists from Southeast Asia aimed at setting a standard for training in science communication and delivering quality training to all levels of learners. We believe that improving capacity and skills in science communication can bring a myriad of trickle down benefits for science, education, and society across the region.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed by the trainers in this workshop series are their own and do not represent the opinions of The HEAD Foundation.

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