Sekolah Enuma: The story behind The HEAD Foundation’s efforts in bringing Enuma’s solution to Indonesia

Sekolah Enuma graphics
In June 2020, The HEAD Foundation officially announced its partnership with Enuma to develop Sekolah Enuma, a digital learning platform that aims to benefit all young learners in Indonesia. Six months into the partnership, despite all the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, Sekolah Enuma is currently at its penultimate stage of development. It will be ready for a beta launch beginning January 2021 involving hundreds of Indonesian young learners in several rural communities.

As Sekolah Enuma marks another milestone in its development, Mr CD Liang, Director of Development at The HEAD Foundation shares in an interview about the reasons for supporting the localisation of Enuma’s early-childhood education solution for Indonesia, the Foundation’s expectations and plans for future growth.

While we adults struggle to find resources to build more schools and train more teachers, many unfortunate children continue to grow up and miss the opportunity to be properly educated. They are the ones we are trying to help.

The interview, titled “Once Upon a Time: When Enuma’s founder met The HEAD Foundation” was conducted by Mr Ming Wong from Enuma, and represents a historical account of how this partnership came about, and the Foundation’s vision to make a mark in closing the education gap in Indonesia and beyond.

Our beta test may only involve hundreds of kids in the beginning, but we definitely want to reach thousands of kids and eventually tens of thousands of kids with Enuma. And that is when it gets exciting for the larger education community.

Click here to read the full interview with Mr CD Liang.

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