The HEAD Foundation partners with Enuma to innovate early-childhood learning for the underserved children of Indonesia


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IMPACT: Project Lit Up with Kitkit School in Penang, Malaysia

In line with the The HEAD Foundation’s vision to empower development in Asia through education, we are pleased to partner with Silicon Valley education technology company Enuma, by providing a grant that will support the development of Sekolah Enuma, a digital learning platform for young learners in Indonesia based on Enuma’s award-winning learning app Kitkit School.

About Enuma

Co-founded by Ms Sooinn Lee and her husband Mr Gunho Lee in 2012, Enuma is committed to creating innovative learning solutions that motivate young children to learn confidently and independently while building their foundational literacy and numeracy skills.

Key products from Enuma also include Todo Math and Todo English, which have seen more than 8 million downloads worldwide.


Enuma’s contribution to providing access to education in underserved communities was globally recognised in 2019 when Kitkit School was named a co-winner in Elon Musk’s Global Learning XPRIZE competition, which offered a total prize amount of USD15 million.

Watch this video to find out what the children, parents and teachers in the Tanzanian community had to say about Kitkit School during the Global Learning XPRIZE’s field test.

Sekolah Enuma

The grant from the Foundation will enable Enuma to localise the content of KitKit School to create Sekolah Enuma (‘Enuma School’), which will include literacy and numeracy learning programmes in Bahasa Indonesia, as well as a learning programme for English as a Second Language (ESL), designed to build a strong cognitive foundation for children aged 4 to 8.

Sekolah Enuma will work on any tablet or mobile device that meets the minimum technical specifications. Once loaded onto a device, it functions without the need for an internet connection. Multiple learners can share a single device and their learning outcome will be tracked individually based on User-IDs.

By the end of 2020, Sekolah Enuma will be piloted with young Indonesian learners in several rural communities. Learning outcomes will be tracked and analysed for system improvement and fine-tuning before Sekolah Enuma 2.0 is rolled out to more young learners. With funding and support from other grant makers and implementation partners, we hope to eventually make Sekolah Enuma accessible throughout Indonesia.

Partnering for Success in a New Educational Landscape

The Foundation believes in the benefits of proven EdTech solutions in underserved communities, particularly in areas such as rural Indonesia where there is a significant shortage of qualified teachers. A strong foundation in basic literary and numeracy skills acquired during early childhood provides a head start for future academic success, and today’s mobile technology plays a key role in ensuring no one falls through the cracks of the education system.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly underscored the importance of rethinking conventional modes of teaching, it is Enuma’s vision to lead a transformation of the education market and ensure that innovative EdTech solutions are the long-term reality and not merely a short-lived trend. The Foundation is delighted to support this quest to bring this transformation to Asia.

The HEAD Foundation is pleased to invite organisations to submit their proposals to bring Sekolah Enuma Indonesia to their communities. Click here (English / Bahasa Indonesia) for more information. Before submitting the proposal, you may refer to the frequently asked questions here.




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