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ADB-THF The New Normal in School Education

It started slowly, almost insignificantly. But in a mere few months, what most people thought of at first as a regional infection had evolved into a global nightmare. The COVID-19 pandemic has overturned every aspect of life as we know it, and its impact on global education is arguably one of the most critical. With schools closed and students confined in their homes, the restriction of access to learning has been devastating for children, their parents and schools alike.

The response of educational systems worldwide has exposed blind spots and weaknesses in the face of an unforeseeable emergency such as a pandemic.

How can we reshape school education to make it more robust and resilient?

To create and stimulate dialogue amongst key stakeholders in education, The HEAD Foundation, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank, organised an online workshop programme from 5 – 12 October 2020 for 50 participants, including policy-makers, teacher educators and school leaders, from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Kyrgyz Republic and Viet Nam.

The programme started with frank presentations from each country on the educational challenges faced, the exacerbation of these, and new challenges caused by the pandemic, as well as reform initiatives being implemented as part of the solution. These presentations set the context for the programme and informed subsequent sessions, helmed by a well-experienced team of international education experts who trained and moderated discussions in such areas as: the safe reopening of schools, new skills needed by teachers and trainers, flexibility in curriculum and assessment, integration of technology with pedagogy, and initiatives in education reform. Guided by the outcomes of the previous sessions, the programme culminated in professionals from each country jointly discussing and presenting desired education outcomes short- and long-term, and the reform initiatives planned leveraging on the resources and partnerships available in each country context.

The rousing country presentations on the last day marked the programme’s success and reminded us that despite the pandemic’s devastating impact on education, open dialogues between key stakeholders at all levels and an unwavering commitment to reform are imperative to yielding the best learning outcomes for every child.

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Watch the expert presentations from the workshop below.

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