The Art, Science and Good News of Ageing — Five-part Series

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Living a healthy and long life is considered a gift. While none of us can control how long we will live, we can make choices that influence how we age optimally into our golden years.

In this five-part series, we dialogue with doctors, healthcare professionals and NGO leaders. Discover practical and philosophically-rich ways for us to keep the mind tuned in and the body tuned up through this series featuring evidence-based findings, reflections and lived experiences.

Whatever our age, and whether we are a caregiver or a recipient of care, the talks will help us understand the physical, mental and emotional changes that come with age.

Series Moderator

Adj Asst Prof Maleena Suppiah Cavert is the Chief Wellbeing Officer at the National University Health System (NUHS). Her career as a food scientist, educator, and healthcare professional spans six countries and over three decades. She keeps healthy through educated nutritional choices, dancing, yoga, swimming, tennis, meditation, and cooking for family and friends. In the ‘sleep’ category, she admits that it’s not optimal yet… but she’s working on it! 

In this series

Part 1 | Mindful Ageing

Ageing brings with it psychological changes which impact our memory, personality and behaviour. Prof Kua and Dr Ang will talk about the changes to our brain and mind as we age, and suggest how we can age with dignity and grace by maintaining cognitive health.

Part 2 | Ageing with Physical Confidence

Physical health is key to ageing well. What changes should we expect as our body ages biologically? How can we maintain our mobility and physical wellbeing into our golden years? Prof Tay and Dr Au will share their vast knowledge and insights on healthy ageing.

Part 3 | Getting Age-Prepared

Can the phrase, “The Best Years of Your Life,” be more than an oft-spoken cliché? Prof Wong and Foong Ming will tell us how we can find peace of mind and live a more fulfilled life with practical tools that help ourselves and our family plan and navigate the realities of ageing.

Part 4 | TCM for Ageing

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) holds a very different philosophy when it comes to lifestyle, fitness, and the prevention and treatment of diseases. Hear from Dr Goh and Dr Tan on ageing well holistically and how TCM solutions can make a real difference.

Part 5 | Philosophy of Ageing

The need for understanding loss, loneliness and authenticity in old age becomes stronger as we age. How can a shift in your inner attitude bring meaning to growing old and help us age more happily and positively? Dr Soin and Prof Cheung will answer this question in this final session of the series.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the speakers in this webinar are their own and do not represent the opinions of The HEAD Foundation.

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