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Bridging the Gaps in Remote Learning

Much has been said about the educational inequalities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic — but what can be done to alleviate the situation? Apart from online platforms, can schools use other forms of technology to reach students? 

PART 1 | Working with Your Community

PART 2 | Using Digital Tools

PART 3 | Rehashing Older Technology

Handbook for Educators

In this practitioner-focused series, held from June to July 2021, educators from Southeast Asia explored the spectrum of educational technologies from virtual classrooms to radio lessons, show how communities play a part in education, and how we can create inclusive and engaging lessons in a remote setting.

Part 1 | Working with Your Community

In the first of three parts, we heard from three educators from Southeast Asia to discover how, through strong community partnerships, they have enabled their students to continue their education despite trying circumstances. As remote and hybrid learning continue to be the new normal in education, our speakers highlighted the importance of engaging with a wide network of community partners to obtain the necessary infrastructure and other forms of support. Watch full webinar.

Part 2 | Using Digital Tools

Our three speakers continued exploring ways in which educators can enhance remote learning. They shared readily available digital tools to support teachers as they adapt their pedagogies to ensure continued learning in an online environment. Watch full webinar.

Part 3 | Rehashing Older Technology

Our speakers discussed how older technology can be repurposed to meet the needs of students, particularly in under-resourced schools and communities. It is in these times of remote learning that the resourcefulness and ingenuity of educators shine through, experimenting and crafting solutions catered to their students’ unique circumstances. Watch full webinar.

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