Handbook 3-English-Bridging the Gaps in Remote Learning

Bridging the Gaps in Remote Learning

A Handbook for Educators

According to UNICEF (2021), schoolchildren around the world have so far lost 1.8 trillion hours of face-to-face learning due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Already more than a billion students, a majority in developing economies, have lost schooling opportunities. Online learning is one solution, but it is insufficient; the pandemic has exposed the wide digital inequalities between and within countries.

However, countries in this region, and around the world, have shown ingenuity in ensuring that their students can continue to learn meaningfully in this difficult period.

This handbook, which captures valuable ideas and insights from the three-part practitioner-focused webinar series of the same title, shares specifically what educators have done to bridge these gaps, from securing digital devices and internet, to repurposing older technologies such as telephones and the radio to conduct lessons. It focuses on:

  • Planning and designing learning experiences
  • Digital tools for teaching
  • Teaching cyber safety and wellness
  • Using radio to broadcast lessons
  • Making the most out of paper-based learning
  • Bringing STEM education into remote learning
  • Assessing your students’ learning
  • Taking care of your community

This handbook is also available in Bahasa IndonesiaMalay and Vietnamese.

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