Routledge_.Internationalization of Teacher Education and the Nation State Rethinking Nationalization in Singapore

Internationalization of Teacher Education and the Nation State

Rethinking Nationalization in Singapore

The relationship between teacher education and internationalization is often regarded as one that has just begun, sparked by globalization and its knowledge economy. This book questions such an assumption by arguing that although contemporary demands on teacher education have intensified the need for internationalization, teacher education and internationalization have a deep and complex relationship, which is context dependent and has developed differently over time.

This book urges its readers to question and rethink overly nationalistic approaches to teacher education. It shows how the internationalization of teacher education could be used as a strategic tool to support sustainable educational development and meet labor market demands for twenty-first century competencies. It puts the spotlight on the imperatives for internationalizing teacher education and its present forms, and considers this current phenomenon in the context of Singapore. This nation state has a history of internationalization, albeit with differing rationales, dimensions and strategies. Internationalization has been a key driver of the Singapore education system’s sustained growth, from its humble beginnings to its present state as one of the best performing education systems in the world. This book will be of great interest to policy makers, academics, researchers and graduate students in the fields of international and comparative education, teacher education, and South East Asian studies.

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