Leadership Development: Research Workshop

20161011 Wkshop – eventpg

On 11 October 2016, Professor David V. Day, Woodside Chair in Leadership and Management, at the University of Western Australia conducted a workshop on leader and leadership development for the staff of The HEAD Foundation and some invited academics in the field.

During the engaging session, Prof Day gave an overview of the findings from more than a century’s worth of research regarding leadership development and the challenges of researching development. As development hardly ever has a positive and linear trajectory, and is more continuous and ongoing, temporal design issues must be considered to better map trajectories and provide more accurate insights during the research.

Showing different statistical approaches for longitudinal research through different models, Prof Day illustrated how there are many possibilities and variables to consider for research. He also presented a longitudinal multilevel model of leader(ship) development, and how leader and leadership, or individual and collective development processes, are rather parallel to each other.

Elaborating further on the idea of a collective development, he explained how having a wide perception that there are many leaders in a network contributes to leadership development.