Future of Green Building: Global Megatrends

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The HEAD Foundation hosted a talk by Dr. Stellios Plainiotis on May 29, 2014 as part of its public lecture series. Dr. Stellios Plainiotis is one of Asia’s leading green building experts, and the founder and CEO of NEAPOLI, an environmental design and engineering firm.

As as expert in sustainable development and green design, Dr. Plainiotis shared with a roomful of architects, engineers, urban planners and attendees from other relevant fields on where he thought the global “megatrends” are heading for green building.

Dr. Plainiotis started by showing the growth of the green movement over the years, and the trend of green certification in its various categories. He also highlighted how the definitions of green design have been changing in recent years, and how the market has evolved from a “push” movement to a “pull” one with accelerating market demand. Dr. Plainiotis went on to predict that the certification standard would gradually move from prescriptive compliance to performance compliance, bringing more robust and more tangible benefits to all stakeholders and the society in general.

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