Floating space for sustainable living, playing and working

The HEAD Foundation is pleased to support the World Conference on Floating Solutions, held on 22 and 23 April 2019 at the National University of Singapore. It saw 25 papers presented by world-renowned experts from the east and west including China, Japan, Norway and the Netherlands, and attracted some 200 international participants, supporters and sponsors.

The theme “Floating space for sustainable living, playing and working,” was chosen to address not only the severe land shortage in Singapore but also to draw attention to the fact that floating solutions are ecologically sustainable and totally resilient to rising sea levels.

The subject is relevant not only to coastal urban areas in search of space for abodes and offices, but also to coastal food producers whose livelihood are threatened by droughts, floods and increasing salinity of agricultural land. Floating solutions to growing crops, animals and fish can overcome many of the problems associated with global warming.

It was very encouraging to note that the audience comprised many young engineers and architects at the early phase of their professional career, a positive sign that the young are keen to search for disruptive innovations to combat challenges as the planet gets warmer.

Proceedings of the conference were published by the Society and Springer Nature. Copies were presented to various Singapore government agencies and to several ministers whose portfolios cover areas which can benefit by looking at non terra firma solutions for expanding the economy.

Following the success of the conference in Singapore, the Society will co-host another in Rotterdam on 6-8th October 2020.