Capacity Building Programmes
ADB-THF Improving Schooling Quality



The Asian Development Bank and The HEAD Foundation conducted this bespoke learning programme over two years for education specialists and policy makers from 11 developing Asian countries. This programme is designed to strengthen capacity among education specialists and policy makers to better implement education reform.

The specific purpose of the programme is to develop the capacity of ADB staff and government officials from the selected countries to:

  1. build relevance in curriculum — alignment with national socio-economic development and the future economy;
  2. consider strategies that improve learning quality and the measurement of learning outcomes — navigating through a plethora of new age pedagogies;
  3. learn from global knowledge and best practices in teacher preparation and what best performing education systems are doing;
  4. shape an understanding of factors that assist or impede reform implementation including programme logic; and
  5. develop approaches to improve reform implementation in their own countries.

By the end of the programme, participants developed a country-specific approach on improving student learning outcomes.

Watch the presentation highlights from the 2016 PLP below.

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