A Multi-Centre Clinical Research on the Efficacy of Tuina

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The HEAD Foundation is exploring to support a multi-centre randomised controlled trial (RCT) to investigate the efficacy of Tuina vis-à-vis Physiotherapy in alleviating chronic low-back pain. This can be one of the initiatives supported by the Foundation to promote East-West collaboration in healthcare solutions.

To date, three medical centres – Mayo Clinic in the USA, Singapore General Hospital (SGH), and the Medical School of Jinan University in Guangzhou, China – had indicated interest in participating in this research, involving notable experts in Physiotherapy and Tuina from each centre. To facilitate the  development of a robust research protocol, a team of researchers and project managers from the Foundation and SGH visited Jinan University recently to discuss technical details, visit clinical facilities, and to sign a memorandum of understanding for research collaboration. A trip to Mayo Clinic for similar purposes is forthcoming.

Clinical research in these three centres is tentatively targeted to commence in early 2020. Watch this space for more updates on the research project as it progresses.

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