Educational Transformations in VUCA Contexts – A Roundtable

On 28 October 2019, A/P Vicente Reyes from The University of Queensland organised a roundtable on “Educational Transformations in VUCA Contexts: Implications on Leadership, Teaching, and Governance”. Attendees critically interrogated the contested concept of a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world and its impact on education in the Philippines.

A/P Vicente Reyes, The University of Queensland; Prof S. Gopinathan, The HEAD Foundation; Prof Tony Bush, University of Nottingham; Dr Carmela C. Oracion, Ateneo Center for Educational Development; Asst Prof Yhna Therese Santos, University of the Philippines; Prof Maria Alicia Bustos-Orosa, De La Salle University; Prof Marie-Paz Morales, Philippine Normal University; and Asst Prof Nassef Manabilang Adiong, University of the Philippines shared their insights on the future of higher education, against the backdrop of Industry 4.0.

Several common themes arose from their presentations and discussions: (1) The need to rethink education and ensure that it prepares students for the future of work; (2) the way the Internet and technology are changing the roles, values and relevance of institutions such as schools, higher education institutions and libraries, and how these institutions need to adapt to and keep up with the changing times; and (3) the importance of unlearning, relearning and lifelong learning in the 21st century.

It was a day of invigorating and stimulating academic discussion on the future of education and The HEAD Foundation would like to thank A/P Vicente Reyes for the opportunity to participate in it.

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