Getting AI Right in Education

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The AI wave is here, but we are only at the tip of this technological revolution. How might we get AI right in education and reap its benefits while mitigating the challenges faced?

On 25 April 2024, The HEAD Foundation, in partnership with Singapore Education Consulting Group (SECG), co-hosted a panel of speakers moderated by Dr N Varaprasad, Principal Consultant at SECG, to discuss how to navigate the use of AI in classrooms. The panel included Dr Grandee Lee, lecturer at Singapore University of Social Sciences, Dr Agus Budi Raharjo, Assistant Professor from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia, and Mr Rudy Hakeem, Founder of Akademi.

Dr Grandee Lee shared on ways educators could design questions for assessments using AI-collaborative assessment approach. With the abundance of data, it has become increasingly easier to generate answers. It might then be better to guide students into actively asking the right questions, dissect the question and the use AI to retrieve answers.  

Dr Agus Budi Raharjo shared reasons behind AI anxiety and a global perspective on responsible AI based on insights from AI Index 2024 Annual Report. He also shared on Indonesia’s National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence 2020–2045, opportunities and challenges facing the country, followed by actionable suggestions for students, educators, researcher, experts, and governments.

Mr Rudy Hakeem drew on his personal experience as a classroom teacher and how AI can become a teaching assistant. Besides technological challenges, teachers need to ensure AI integrates well into their curriculum and be mindful of the thinking process of their students. Teacher also needs to be well-trained and willing to adapt AI tools in their pedagogical practice.

The inclusion of AI in education is unstoppable. While educators are continuously exploring ways to adopt best AI practices in the right way, they are also concerned about ensuring that students are truly developing essential skills, such as in analytical and communication skills, with increased usage of AI.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the speakers in this webinar are their own and do not represent the opinions of The HEAD Foundation.

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