Harvesting Wellness: The Transformative Power of Urban Farming

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Is there a way to integrate physical activity, mindfulness and nourishing into our daily urban lives?

On 29 February, The HEAD Foundation Dialogues featured notable urban farmerpreneur Christopher Leow  who touched on the social and environmental benefits of urban farming. A leader in the burgeoning urban farming scene in Singapore, and founder of The Freestyle Farmer, Christopher shared how he began his career first as an aerospace engineer, before venturing into the world of farming. It has since become his life’s mission to educate people on the multi-facetted benefits of growing your own food, and how it can bring people together.

A surge in rural to urban migrations, and contemporary global challenges such as ageing populations and rise in critical illnesses, make urban farming a unique and appropriate solution for modern ailments. Research has demonstrated that engaging in urban farming can reduce stress levels, slow down the onset of dementia, and recover a fatigued attention system, amongst many other health benefits. Designing intentional urban farming spaces can also serve many community functions by encouraging social bonds in an intergenerational activity. Urban farms are also excellent educational centres for young students and adults alike to integrate and apply knowledge in biology and geography.

In land-scarce Singapore, urban farms also contribute to the country’s goal for food security by increasing food production in a dense urban environment. For example, a successful commercial urban farm on CapitaSpring grows and provides fresh produce in collaboration with a restaurant located in the same space. 

In encouraging people to begin their own urban farm or community garden, Christopher shared some practical considerations to plan for success. He emphasised that to grow a successful urban farm in your community or for your business, gardening should ultimately become a daily habit and form part of your core values system. Just engaging in the act of farming and commitment to the process bring people its numerous health benefits, and ultimately make gardening as a way for a life worth living.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the speakers in this webinar are their own and do not represent the opinions of The HEAD Foundation.

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