Reorganising the Future of Work

The pandemic and recent geopolitical conflicts have disrupted the world order, and countries are struggling to revitalise their economies. Yet our education systems are falling behind in producing the skilled workforce required in the race to innovate and stay ahead — hence the global war for talent.

In this issue of THINK, experts and scholars share views on how work and employment are evolving under the ‘new normal’, and the relationship between workers and today’s fast-changing and technology-driven society.

In this issue:

  • Interview with Prof Henry Mintzberg — Managing Ourselves and Our Society: A Rebalancing Act 

    Prof Henry Mintzberg, the Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies of McGill University, passionately shared his views on what it takes to be a good manager and a true leader in today’s society, and the lessons we have learned from the pandemic;

  • Developing Responsible Leadership for Sustainability: A Categorical Imperative

    Emeritus Professor of Asian Business and Comparative Management at INSEAD, Prof Henri-Claude de Bettignies, urges political and business leaders to prioritise sustainability above growth and reminds business schools of their role in training responsible leaders;

  • Carbon Peaking and Neutrality: Transforming Talent in Higher Education
    As climate change becomes an existential threat, Prof Wang Yuan Feng, Director of the Center of Carbon Neutral Technology and Strategy, Beijing Jiaotong University, specifies the kind of talent China needs to nurture in its universities to meet carbon neutrality targets;

… and many more.

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