Healthcare and Education for Asian Development 

This Commemorative Issue of THINK contains a collection of articles contributed by The HEAD Foundation’s esteemed Fellows and members of the Advisory Board, as well as a few education and healthcare experts with whom the Foundation has been working. It is a publication in conjunction with the Foundation’s Gathering for Advisory Board and Fellows that took place in March 2022.

In this issue, our authors contribute their thoughts on various healthcare, education and social issues that many Asian communities are facing in an ever-evolving world, and proposed meaningful ways to build a healthier, better educated, more inclusive and more resilient society.

In this issue:

  • Leading the Way in Education and Healthcare: The HEAD Foundation
    Chairman of The HEAD Foundation Advisory Board, Prof Dr Cham Tao Soon recounts the history of the Foundation and charts out the path ahead as the Foundation strives to stay relevant and impactful in the work it does;
  • The Imperative for Change and the Role of Education
    Prof Henri-Claude de Bettignies, a member of The HEAD Foundation Advisory Board, tells us why the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for the ASEAN countries to rethink the roles of education and leadership;
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine in a Modern Society – An Interview with Prof Chen Jiaxu
    Prof Chen Jiaxu, a Distinguished Professor of the Changjiang Scholars Programme in China, shares his passion, views and aspirations for Traditional Chinese Medicine to thrive in today’s society to benefit a larger population;
  • Humanities and Humanistic Education
    Prof Cheung Chan-Fai, the former Chairman of the Department of Philosophy of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, reminds us of the role of humanistic education in cultivating free individuals and good citizens;

… and many more.

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