Sekolah Enuma Indonesia: How an edtech solution helps children master basic math concepts

Enuma update-Sekolah Enuma Indonesia How an edtech solution helps children master basic math concepts

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Mathematics is one of the three learning modules of Sekolah Enuma Indonesia (SEI), an early-childhood edtech solution developed by Enuma, Inc. with the support of The HEAD Foundation.

Building on the success of Todo Math, Enuma’s signature product that has been downloaded over 8 million times, the mathematics curriculum in SEI is brilliantly designed and backed by a robust learning philosophy that is meant to help children master basic math concepts effectively, and in a fun way.

According to Ms Inkyung Jung, the Mathematics curriculum designer for SEI, the curriculum incorporates features and a structure specifically designed for self-directed learning based on carefully curated daily lesson plans.

Enuma School’s mini-games utilize a game format designed to allow students to experience success through trial and error.”

Click here to read Ms Jung’s latest blogpost to understand more about the mathematics curriculum developed by her team.

SEI is currently being piloted with young Indonesian learners in several rural communities before the final version of the app is rolled out to more children. Read here to find out more about the partnership between The HEAD Foundation and Enuma, Inc.

When children play games with technology: Stories from Sekolah Enuma Indonesia Field Test

9 March 2021 — Running into its third month since implementation, the Sekolah Enuma Indonesia (SEI) field test has been benefitting hundreds of children who have been locked out of school due to COVID-19 in both Deli Serdang and Lampung.

As someone who observes closely the students’ participation throughout the field test, a teacher from Lampung shares her thoughts on SEI, a digital learning app that – in her words – “packages the learning materials according to the children’s enthusiasm for audio-visual contents”.

According to Ms Umi Setiawati, children perceive that the app only contains games because when they start the app, an interactive and fun display appears alongside unique music. Coupled with the fact that the materials in Enuma School are very well integrated with the Indonesian language lessons taught in schools, children are naturally engaged and motivated while learning with the app!

The story of Enuma School is a compelling one: living in a plantation area, far from the city, with limited transportation access to the city, does not pose an obstacle for young children to follow the development of education and technology.

Click here to read the full blogpost on Ms Setiawati’s thoughts on the SEI beta testing.

The foundation of Indonesian literacy in Enuma School was jointly developed by Enuma and a team led by Ibu Ella Yulaelawati, a well-known figure in Early Childhood Education in Indonesia.

Our Indonesian language curriculum is very much designed with Indonesian culture and context in mind and this approach is manifested in the content of our mini-games, books, and videos. Out of all the Enuma School books in the library, 60 were specifically designed by considering these local contexts.

To learn more about the design and philosophy behind the Indonesian language curriculum in SEI, please read the blogpost by the Content Project Manager for SEI, Ms Nesia Anindita here.

Project Lit Up with Kitkit School: Enuma’s award-winning product benefits children in Penang, Malaysia

9 March 2021In the effort to make quality education accessible for all, Penang Science Cluster launched Project Lit Up in late 2020 and distributed more than 200 tablets containing the Kitkit School app by Enuma, Inc. to children aged 4 – 6 in high-need communities across Penang, Malaysia.

This effort was made possible by Enuma’s initiative to make its award-winning product, Kitkit School, available for free until the end of 2021. Responding to the COVID-19 crisis that has hampered access to education for children around the world, this initiative sets out to support organisations and schools globally that are working to improve education access and educational equity in underprivileged communities.

Kitkit School is an exceptional learning tool built to teach children early reading, writing and mathematics. Under Project Lit Up, children had the opportunity to engage in fun and independent learning through Kitkit School from the safety of their homes during the pandemic lockdown. For many of them, this was the first time they had received any form of educational intervention. To their parents, having seen the children’s excitement and ability to learn basic numeracy and literacy within a relatively short period of time was a source of great joy and encouragement.

Click here to read the full article on Project Lit Up by Penang Science Cluster and its achievements.

The HEAD Foundation is pleased to partner with Enuma by providing a grant that supports the development of Sekolah Enuma, a localised digital learning platform for young learners in Indonesia and Malaysia based on Kitkit School. Click here to read more about the partnership and the project.

The HEAD Foundation and Enuma launched Sekolah Enuma Field Test in Indonesia

26 January 2021 — After months of dedicated research and development, Sekolah Enuma Indonesia (SEI), a digital learning platform for young Indonesian learners based on Enuma, Inc.’s award-winning Kitkit School, has been launched for field testing in Indonesia.

On every weekday, the participating children gather in the community centres for 45 to 60 minutes to play on the learning app, which includes hundreds of games, books and videos covering three subjects: local literacy (Bahasa Indonesia), Mathematics and English as a second language. With well-researched curriculum and thoughtfully-designed flow and structure, SEI 1.0 engages children in an exciting gamified learning experience with minimal supervision and without having to connect to the Internet.

The SEI product localisation and field test in Deli Serdang are supported by a grant from The HEAD Foundation and managed by Enuma, Inc., in collaboration with Yayasan Fondasi Hidup (FH) as the local implementation partner. A similar field test is being conducted in parallel with more than 400 children in Lampung in South Sumatera. At the end of the field tests, feedback and learning outcomes of the children will be analysed for product improvement and fine-tuning. We are targeting to roll out SEI 2.0 to many more young learners at larger pilot sites during the second half of 2021.

To find out more about what is happening on the ground, please read the blogpost by FH’s Country Director of Indonesia, Mr Effendy Aritonang, here.

FH’s account of their partnership with Enuma and the results of the field test can be read in FH’s press release here.

We also invite you to watch this space for more updates on the Sekolah Enuma Indonesia project.

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