APRIL 2021 | ISSUE 10

State of the Region:
The Commemorative 10th Issue

In this commemorative tenth edition of HESB (Higher Education in Southeast Asia and Beyond), we have invited leading researchers and policymakers to share their insights and analysis on the future of higher education in each of the 11 Southeast Asian countries.

In this issue:

  • Building the Future Through Higher Education 2020-2024
    In Indonesia, where many objectives and operations of higher education institutions are spread thinly across different missions, Satryo Soemantri Brodjonegoro argues that mission differentiation should provide a better investment plan.

  • Malaysia’s Higher Education: Tumbled Out of its Trajectory?
    Morshidi Sirat and Abdul Razak Ahmad argue that Malaysia needs a reset, introducing a framework and trajectory for higher education which is more robust and in tune with regional and global co-existence, exhibiting a high degree of resilience, and with clarity on the role of the state vis-à-vis universities.

  • Whither the University? — And not just where is it, but when is it?
    In the context of the pandemic, Adrian W. J. Kuah and Katrina Tan reflect on how the National University of Singapore has seen the opening of more access routes to learning, a greater focus on student engagement and motivation, a higher level of trust and reliance on self-directed learning, and the provision of space and time for students to explore their interests outside the curriculum.

Many more thought leaders share their insights on the state of higher education in the region. Alongside critical perspectives of respective national contexts, this issue provides comparative data across the 11 countries on their investments and stakes in higher education.

Highlighting Higher Education in Southeast Asian and Beyond

HESB (Higher Education in Southeast Asia and Beyond), is The HEAD Foundation’s flagship publication, featuring opinions and commentaries from experts on important and contemporary topics in higher education. Watch the video below to find out more:

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