Unmasked: Educational Leaders in a Crisis

A Handbook for Educators

As a follow-up to our practice-focused webinar series Educational Leadership in a Crisis, targeted at equipping school leaders in Southeast Asia with ideas on managing their schools and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic , The HEAD Foundation is proud to announce the release of Unmasked: Educational Leaders in a Crisis — A Handbook for Educators.

COVID-19 has brought about tremendous change in the realm of education across the globe, and given school leaders the daunting task of reshaping — practically overnight — the way education is carried out.

This concise and informative handbook brings together ideas discussed during the webinar series that we hope will inspire school leaders in Southeast Asia, who are all grappling with the challenges of education disruption due to the current crisis. Topics in the handbook include: how to engage with your community, empower school staff, nurture students and leverage on technology.

In this handbook, find ideas on:

  • Activating Parents
  • Supporting Our Teachers
  • Caring for Our Teachers
  • Activating Learners as Learning Resources
  • Caring for Our Students
  • Leveraging Technology, New and Old

This handbook is also available in Bahasa Indonesia, Malay and Vietnamese.

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