Future-Proofing Our Recovery

In December 2019, the first human cases of COVID-19 were reported. A year later, as the world scrambles to reopen the economy safely, one big question is especially pertinent: How can we build back stronger and better?

In this issue of THINK, international experts and academics from various disciplines, including healthcare, economics, education, renewable energy, arts, music, and public policies, weigh in on the prospect of building a better post-COVID-19 world. By reflecting upon how the world has reacted and adapted to the global crisis, the authors suggest what countries, societies and individuals can do to become more resilient as we gradually recover from the agony of 2020.

In this issue:

  • Southeast Asian Experiences with the COVID-19 Pandemic – Public Policy Implications and the Role of International Cooperation
    Former Director of the Research Policy & Cooperation Department at the World Health Organization (WHO), Prof Tikki Pangestu, discusses six lessons that are particularly important for effective public policies in the age of the pandemic.
  • Interview with Prof Chan Siew Hwa of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
    Prof Chan Siew Hwa, one of the “World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds”, shares his insights on the intersection between the Hydrogen Economy, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Using Education Technology to Build Resilient Learning Opportunities – Continuous Learning through COVID-19 and Beyond
    Pam Vachatimanont, Head of Product Strategy at Enuma, Inc., recounts Enuma’s journey to winning the prestigious Global Learning XPRIZE and why she thinks education technology is a pivotal solution to the worsening educational gap worldwide.
  • The Future of Healthcare – Lessons Learned from COVID-19
    Deputy Director of Clinical Education at the National University Health Systems in Singapore, Dr Maleena Suppiah Cavert, deliberates on the ways the healthcare sector can and should transform to be more adaptable, agile and resilient in the new normal.

… and many more.

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