JUNE 2020 | ISSUE 6

Sustainability in a Time of Crisis

In a world wrecked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the call for mankind to address global climate and sustainability challenges has never been more urgent before.  The editorial team of THINK invited several international experts and academics to discuss some of the most pressing concerns of our time, ranging from the conundrums faced by green-product producers, to the persistence of social inequality as a policy blind spot, and the role an ordinary individual can play in the fight against global warming.

In this issue:

  • Interview with Prof. Anu Ramaswami of Princeton University
    The engineering professor and inaugural director of the M.S. Chadha Centre for Global India shares her insight on a sustainable model for urban planning and how she is making a change on the ground.
  • Confronting the Global Housing Crisis
    Dr. Stellios Plainiotis, a sustainability expert and the CEO of NEAPOLI, deliberates on the ways to combat the global housing crisis that has created a breeding ground for the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Climate Change: A Looming Threat to Southeast Asia’s Water-Food-Energy Future
    Stanford University’s Energy and Climate Scholar, Dr. He Xiaogang talks about the formidable water-food-energy challenges posed by climate change, and the relevant opportunities that have presented themselves to date.

… and many more.

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