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After winning the prestigious Global Learning XPRIZE and proving that well-designed software can enable children to learn independently, Ms. Sooinn Lee was in Singapore on 4 Feb 2020 to share her experience and success story.

Upon the birth of her first child who was diagnosed with learning difficulties, Sooinn, previously a game designer in the South Korean gaming industry, was determined to use her skills and knowledge to help children who face similar challenges as her son.  Together with her husband, Sooinn established Enuma, an education technology (EdTech) company devoted to designing accessible games and applications that enable children to learn independently without the need for teachers.

Sooinn’s strategy adopts gamification to better engage and motivate learners, so that those who face learning delays do not give up easily. Whilst her journey has its ups and downs, her strategy was proven a great success when her latest product, Kitkit School, won the $15m Global Learning XPRIZE funded by Elon Musk.

Today, Sooinn and her team seek to bring Kitkit School to every corner of the world where it could benefit children from underserved communities.  Sooinn strongly believes that every child deserves a chance to be educated, and educated well, and that with well-designed learning tools, all learners can succeed.

Sooinn also conducted a workshop for the students and faculty members of SUTD on 5 Feb 2020 to share her experience and insight on game design for learning based on the Universal Design framework.

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