“Educate to survive”: The key to Singapore’s educational success (Modern Diplomacy)

modern diplomacy

Professor Gopinathan, Academic Advisor at The HEAD Foundation, was featured in an interview by Modern Diplomacy titled “Educate to survive: The key to Singapore’s educational success”. The interview was published on the latest issue of Modern Diplomacy’s Geopolitical Handbooks, “Inspired for Excellence: The struggles of Asian Education Systems”.

SINGAPORE – Since the PISA results came out in 2015, announcing that the Singapore Educational system ranked number 1 in the world in terms of Maths and Science, all eyes have turned to Singapore – hoping to learn its secret recipe. Visitors flooded into Singapore asking similar questions of what the country did right to get there. But the path to Singaporean educational success is not a straightforward account that can be xeroxed elsewhere in the world. Rattana Lao talked with Professor S. Gopinathan, Academic Director of the HEAD Foundation and an expert on Singaporean Education on this 50 years journey to inculcate strong meritocratic values and the price Singapore has to pay for this miracle.

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