Book Launch of Prof. Gopi’s Singapore Chronicles: Education

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The HEAD Foundation (THF) organised a successful book launch of its Academic Director, Professor S. Gopinathan’s latest work, Education, in conjunction with the panel discussion “Envisioning Education 2065 – Staying Ahead of the Curve” on 24 February. THF hosted more than 120 guests at the book launch and panel discussion.

Written as part of a 50-book Singapore Chronicles series to mark Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, Education explores the history of Singapore’s education system over the past five decades and examines its role in the nation state’s progress from Third World to First World.

From social, economic and political contexts, the book aims to elucidate on various policies and practices, and their implications for Singaporean education today.

When introducing his book during the panel discussion, Prof. Gopinathan reflected on how compressing “50 years of education in 25,000 words” was far more demanding than his usual academic writings. He encouraged his readers to judge the book for themselves.

There must be a proper balance between celebrating the achievements of Singapore and highlighting in some measure the challenges that face Singapore education after these 50 years, Prof. Gopinathan said.

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