Waves of Change in Global Higher Education

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Professor Bruce Johnstone is a Distinguished Service Professor for Higher EducationProf Bruce Johnstoneand Comparative Education Emeritus  and former President at SUNY Buffalo; former Chancellor of the State University of New York system, and Vice President at the University of Pennsylvania.

Higher Education sectors throughout the world have been experiencing waves of change that are having impacts—both positive and negative—on the development and the future of the sector. Some of these changes include, surging enrollment increases, increasing number of private institutions, increasing mobility of students, and a growing number of foreign branches of campuses. Underlying all the trends and contributing to them, is what Johnstone identifies as the tendency of higher educational costs and revenue needs outstripping the abilities of most governments to fund them. This leads to sharp increases in tuition fees, mounting student debts and barriers to access.

Professor Johnstone, a veteran in the policy circuit and administration of notable US Higher Education Institutions, shared with the audience his opinions on these changes and the future direction of Higher Education Intuitions in the US. During the Questions and Answer sessions, he provided sharp insights for developed countries in Singapore and the region.

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