Millennials of Asia: How will Gen-Y influence Societal Progress?


Generation Y: How can we manage them and motivate them in a workplace environment? Are the criticisms about them true? Are these attitudes applicable to all Gen Y- ers all across Asia Pacific?  At a public lecture held at The HEAD Foundation, Professor Henrik Bresman shared with the attendees his early findings from his research on the attitudes and motivations of the Millennials—or more commonly known as the “Gen Y”. The data showed that for Singaporean Gen –Ys, financial rewards, empowerment, being specialists in their fields, and having autonomy in their work place rank very highly among them.

The implications will be that, for an organization to succeed, emphasis must be placed on leadership development coupled with a detailed strategy of lead and motive them will be essential to manage them in the workplace.

Professor Henrik Bresman is an expert on leadership and also author of the top-selling book, “X-Teams: How to Build Teams that Lead, Innovate and Succeed” breakthrough innovations with global reach.

Millennials of Asia: How will Gen-Y Influence Societal Progress?

Results of the Millennials Study

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