Discover Your Entrepreneurial Preference, Find Your Innovative Niche

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Preference, Find Your Innovative Niche

The HEAD Foundation once again welcomed a full audience to Prof Simon Tam’s Prof Simon Tam.jpglecture on entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. After decades of researching Asian entrepreneurs and their successes, Prof Tam discovered that innovation does not happen by chance, is not random but systematic.

Prof Tam talked about how creative destruction forces innovative thinking and took the participants through a thought exercise where in the span of less than half an hour, numerous business ideas were generated.

Among these, Prof Tam then demonstrated how they adhere to the 8 forms of business successes, a new paradigm he unearthed through years of research. Business success is patterned, recurring and teachable. Some innovative
successes originate from products and could come from processes, sources etc.

To a highly engaged audience, Prof Tam up the ante further by enlightening them that everyone has an “entrepreneurial preference,” which aligns to his new paradigm of 8 business paths to success. If organisations and individuals were better able to identify and match entrepreneurial preferences to business models and job functions, the resulting innovative transformations could be mind-boggling.

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