Using School Learning Action Cells to Improve Teacher-Learning — University of the Philippines


In 2016, the Department of Education in the Philippines issued “The Learning Action Cell (LAC) as a K to 12 Basic Education Program School-Based Continuing Professional Development Strategy for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning” order. This order seeks to refine the teacher-learning process by developing the knowledge, attitudes and competencies of teachers in areas such as curriculum, instruction and assessment.

LAC sessions, facilitated by a designated LAC leader, have proven to be effective in engaging a group of teachers in collaborating and solving shared challenges. LAC sessions encourage critical reflection amongst teachers which increases the understanding and knowledge of the curriculum and classroom practices. Dr Dina Ocampo from the Department of Education, University of the Philippines embarked on a project to develop LAC sessions guides that will aid Grade 6 Science Teachers in conducting localised LAC sessions.

The project, funded by The HEAD Foundation, includes documenting the teaching strategies of Grade 6 Science teachers before, during and after the LAC sessions, developing the procedures of LAC sessions and proposing policy recommendations.

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