Research on the Implementation of Educational Policy Reform in Southeast Asia — University of Nottingham, Malaysia


Educational reforms often target classroom teaching, and school leadership, as these aspects are central to enhancing school and student outcomes.

In 2013, the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 was launched by the Ministry of Education. The three main objectives of the blueprint were to: i) understand the current challenges of the Malaysian education system, ii) establish a clear vision and aspirations for individual students and the education system as a whole and iii) outline a comprehensive transformation programme for the system, including key changes within the Ministry. However, as with every ambitious educational reform, challenges are aplenty. One main hinderance that Malaysia and many other Southeast Asia countries face in the implementation of educational reforms is the lack of instructional leadership to effectively see the educational reform through.

Professor Tony Bush from the University of Nottingham, has undertaken a qualitative research study that examines linkages between different levels within the education system and its support of education policy reforms in Malaysia. The study includes an extensive literature review of international policy processes that aim to answer 13 key questions, documentary analysis, and key informant interviews and subsequent interview analysis.