THink Digest Issue No. 4: Bridging the Gaps

Any effort to improve our current situation and the well-being of our society is most effective when we acknowledge the existence of gaps: the divides between policies and its implementation, the complaints of under- and over-resourced, the contrast between the haves and the have-nots, and other obvious and hidden gaps among generations, countries and societies. For this fourth issue of THink, contributors write about gaps they have observed — and the potential solutions to bridge these gaps.

In this issue:

  • Feature: The Diplomacy of China 3.0: How to Be Creatively Involved in World Affairs
  • Higher Education Reform in Cambodia since 1990s: How or What for?
  • The Early Childhood Practice Gap: A Matter of Context
  • Where Are the Youth in Agriculture?

Speaker Series:

Dr Norman Li, Associate Professor of Psychology at Singapore Management University and one of the contributing writers for this issue, will be speaking more about the topic of his article “Evolutionary Mismatch: Getting to the Root of Modern Problems”on Page 12.

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