Improving Schooling Outcomes: Developing Teacher and Teaching Capacities for School Improvement in Indonesia

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The last half century has seen dramatic changes in the provision of education in ASEAN. In spite of the many achievements, a ‘learning crisis’ has emerged. More and more children are in school but there is concern over the quantity and quality of learning that occurs. Policy makers are agreed on the urgent need to improve teaching as a profession and teaching quality, improve recruitment and preparation, and pay more attention to leadership preparation.

To help address this issue, The HEAD Foundation has organised the Professional Learning Programme on “Improving Schooling Outcomes: Developing Teacher and Teaching Capacities for School Improvement in Indonesia” to be held at Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) from 24-26 April 2018.

The three-day seminar is designed to critically examine current arrangements in teacher preparation and leadership development in Indonesia and to explore what changes are required, in a context of radical curriculum reform. This programme will draw upon Indonesian experience and international experts to recommend strategies to strengthen teacher capacity in Indonesia.

28 lecturers and academics from leading Faculties of Education in Indonesia will be participating and listening to talks on:

  • Implementing K-12 Education Reforms: The Role of Curriculum, Teachers and Teaching
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Teachers in Indonesia’s School Sector
  • Ensuring Teaching Quality: Teacher Policies, Initial Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
  • Instructional Leadership: The Key to Improving Learning Outcomes
  • Leadership, Teachers and School Improvement
  • Leveraging Technology Learning for Improving Outcomes
  • Education Reform: Redesigning Teacher Education for High Impact

Watch Universitas Negeri Jakarta’s video below for scenes from the programme.